The Hottest Craze in Bathrooms: Enclosed Showers are All the Rage

The Hottest Craze in Bathrooms: Enclosed Showers are All the Rage

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Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors
Spending money in top quality products for a bathroom such as a shower unit not only enhance the allure of your restroom, yet will look equally as excellent 10 years from now. Readily available in countless styles, shower rooms can offer your bathroom a much more large feeling and also require little maintenance at the same time.
Residing in the contemporary globe, showers have actually come to be much more of a deluxe compared to the old days in Greece where pull cable showers were taken outdoors and also just a cold water supply was readily available as a result of absence of plumbing. Greater than an invited modification happened towards the latter part of the 80's and right into the very early the 90's when new modern technologies were presented into the shower room remodeling market where shower room suppliers saw a splurge in shower and also bathroom sales, suggesting more home owners were seeking to high end their shower rooms.
Shower units were popularized in part of the design boom with shower room vendors showing sleek trendy styles. Not soon homeowners were destroying their existing shower rooms to the bare walls, hence producing a rise in demand for residence professionals and also remodelling companies prompted by the restroom style craze. The emergence of shower rooms came to be a bottom line of interest as it gave way to opening up a shower room where the shower no more needed to be affixed to the bathroom and also just required additional plumbing be installed in order to accommodate the placement of the shower enclosure.
Today's remodelers are going big and going for it when it involves upgrading their washrooms given that there are even more style concepts readily available specifically for the smaller sized restroom. Usually the ordinary dimension of a washroom is approximately 130-140sq ft, according to the National Interior Design Council when the new market patterns came into play, property owners wanted to bath enclosures as a means to provide washrooms an extra sizable allure. A pivotal consider aiding reinvent the shower market was due partially to property owners relocating in the direction of changing single showers with two-person showers and getting rid of adjoined bath/shower systems.
The need for home owners to share their individual design flare is largely expressed in the increased number of sales in relation to shower enclosures where people are looking to surpass the typical gliding glass door shower or shower specific. Considering that shower enclosures have undertaken a significant modification in the past several years, individuals are swiftly discovering frameless shower doors and also rooms are all the rage which taking a relaxing shower in one of these classy easy-to-clean shower rooms is a sanctuary of sheer pleasure.
Staying with the fad towards openness and also airy spaces, the distinguished range of shower room layouts include a sensational attract any type of restroom redesigning task, from frameless quadrant shower units for an ultra contemporary appearance or uniquely made frosted glass corner shower room embellished in chrome or stainless steel. The stunning phenomenon of shower room layouts directly provides to the success of the shower room and also shower sector and also has usually been reported sometimes tough for restroom vendors to keep supply in stock, indicating there is supply sought after and also is on a steady higher climb. According to indoor designers with even more houses being built, individuals are personalizing their restrooms before completion to include the current trends in washroom decoration with shower units leading the way not just because of their ageless elegance, however are conveniently maintained as well as with every person leading lifestyles that is an added bonus.


A bathroom is a space where we wash off the stresses of our day and unwind. Because of this, the style of your bathroom is just as important as the pure functionality of it. If you are planning on remodelling your bathroom, the choice of shower enclosure you go with plays a very important role. The shower acts as a focal point of your bathroom and can impact the style of the space as a whole. While there are a number of options for enclosures, such as shower curtains or a screen, here is why nothing can beat the timeless style of a glass shower enclosure.

Adds a unique style statement

Nothing says modern elegance like a glass shower enclosure. The variety of shower enclosure design options will help you find the perfect fit for any bathroom style. Instead of clear glass, you can choose frosted or tinted glass to add a unique look to your bath space. You can also customise the hardware, like the handles or the frame, based on the style of the rest of your bathroom. For an ultra-chic look, you can even opt for frameless glass enclosures. These enclosures are not supported by a visible framework and thus add an effortless minimalist feel to your bathroom.

Unmatched versatility

A sleek glass shower enclosure adds an instant dash of style and elegance to a bathroom of virtually any shape, size or style. Unlike a shower rod that only comes in a certain standard size and therefore, might not be suitable for your unique bathroom, enclosures can be customised based on your requirements. Even if you have a corner that is irregularly shaped, a glass shower enclosure can be built to suit it.


With most of us living in apartments today, intelligent utilisation of space is critical. Your bathroom needs to include a variety of features and products but at the same time, it cannot look cramped. A glass shower enclosure is the perfect solution to make your bathroom look bigger in an instant. Since it is clear, it gives the illusion of continuity in space. A shower curtain or any other type of enclosure, on the other hand, will create a break that can make your bathroom appear much smaller than it is.

Completely watertight

No one likes the feeling of stepping into a bathroom only to find the floors wet. Without an enclosure, there is almost no way to avoid the entire bathroom getting wet every time someone uses the shower. By installing a glass shower enclosure, you can ensure that the water stays contained within a single spot that can be dried quickly. Since these enclosures have watertight bases, there’s no possibility of even a single drop of water getting out. This can save you the hassle of wiping the floors of your bathroom after every shower.

Low Maintenance

With most of us leading busy lives, any stylish feature you add to your home needs to be equal parts practical. A glass shower enclosure doesn’t just add a touch of urban glamour to your bathroom, it also requires little to no upkeep. Once you install it, you can enjoy the luxury it adds without having to spare a thought about maintenance. Since the glass used for these enclosures is tempered, they are resistant to scratches or cracks. Many shower enclosures also have the option of adding a protective coating, which will help avoid soap and water stains. With this, your glass enclosure will always look as good as new!

Impressive safety features

The waterproof feature of glass shower enclosures don’t just add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, they are a very important safety feature. Accidental falls due to wet floors are fairly common, particularly in homes with young children and elderly people. By keeping your bathroom completely dry, a glass enclosure can help prevent many of these accidents. The glass used in shower enclosures are also tempered to make them stronger. This stops them from shattering into sharp pieces and potentially causing a serious injury.

Creates a hygienic space

With their moist, humid environment, it’s no wonder that microbes can thrive in bathrooms. If you have a shower curtain, you might notice a film of mildew growing on the surface over time. Apart from spoiling the style of your bathroom, mildew and spores can cause several health issues. With a glass shower enclosure, all of this can be easily avoided. Unlike curtains, glass is a non-porous surface, which means that microbes cannot grow on it. Glass is also much easier to clean. Just a quick spritz of a disinfectant and a wipe and your glass enclosures will be sparkling clean again!

Exclusive Bathroom Shower Enclosures

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